Eguzki Borda Gaztak - Quesos - Orereta - Errenteria - Gipuzkoa


Traditional basque farm where is produced handmade cheese with the milk of our latxa sheep (basque race) of the Appellation of Origin Idiazabal.

Our farm is located near Fort San Marcos in a rural setting within the Lau Haizeta Natural Park.

The feeding of our herd, selected carefully, as well as our dedication in order to the animals receive a good treatment, give as result a product of great quality.

We carry our sheep to graze in the meadows of the Aralar Mountain Range from May to November.

It is sold in the farm:
- Latxa sheep cheese of the Appellation of Origin Idiazabal.
- Sheep milk in season (December 15 to June 15).


Always make an appointment in advance (prior reservation is mandatory by calling or sending WhatsApp to 660 719 654).

Duration of the visit: 1h. 15 minutes.
Includes: visit to the stable, to the production room, to the chambers (cheese store) and a tasting of the different cheeses.

From 14 years = 10 € / From 5 years to 14 years = 5 € / Under 5 years = 0 €
Minimum price of the guided tour = 40 € (from 1 person).


• The sheep can be seen in the stable from October to June. From June to October they are in the Sierra of Aralar.

• Cheese making can be seen from January to June. From June to December, it is not made.

• The lambs are born in November-December, and can be seen on these dates.

• To see the sheep in the stable come from October to June.

• To see cheese making, come from January to June.

• Direct sale of cheese throughout the year.

Josu: 660 719 654

Eguzki Borda Baserria
(Zamalbide auzoa) Orereta-Errenteria

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